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Smaller Brandy Pipe

Italian briar, hand-cut Absylux® stem
5 inches (127 mm)
1.57 ounces (44.6 grams)
13/16 inches (20 mm)
Briar Grade
Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe
Workmanship Grade
Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe
     Comes with a nice heavyweight red tartan plaid 100% wool pipe sock, hand sewn by Adriana.
     I don't even know where to begin with this pipe. It took me nearly two months to develop a process just to photograph it, I will tell you that. My methods of photographing pipes had been serving me fairly well up to this point, but trying to take pictures of this one was like trying to take pictures of a mirror ball.
     After some extensive research, I purchased a light tent, and was able to take the pictures you see here with little trouble, so that was nice. I am still not certain about the diffused lighting, though, as it tends to give this pipe a satiny appearance, and trust me, this pipe is extremely shiny. That is why I had so much trouble.
     The next thing I would like to mention is that this pipe is smaller than some of the other ball-shapes I have made in the past. I have made a lot of larger ball-shapes lately, and I thought it might be nice to make a smaller one for a change.
     And I had a rather nice piece of briar with terrific grain that also happened to be a little bit smaller, so there you have it. This pipe has a couple of very small imperfections, but it packs a lot of character into such a small pipe, no doubt about it.