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Signature Dublin Smokig Pipe

Grecian briar, Ebonite stem
5.920 inches (150.4 mm)
1.9 ounces (55 grams)
Tobacco Chamber
0.858 inches (21.8 mm) diameter tapering Dublin-style down to about 0.500 inches (12.7 mm) diameter X 1.600 inches (40.6 mm) deep
Outside of Bowl
2.060 inches (52.3 mm) diameter x 2-ish inches (50-ish mm) tall
Briar Grade
Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe
Workmanship Grade
Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe
Comes with a nice wool pipe sock, hand-sewn by Adriana.
The reason I'm calling this one a "Signature Dublin" is that I made a pipe very similar to this one awhile back, and the guy whom I made it for picked up on the fact that I make a lot of these kinds of stems -- faceted, with this kind of junction between stem and stummel -- on my pipes. I guess I hadn't really thought about it before, but he was right, I do make a lot of pipes with this kind of stem. It's funny how other people can sometimes pick up on things about us that even we don't realize about ourselves.

$275.00 USD + $15.00 USD international shipping