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Orchid Smoking Pipe

Materials Italian briar and hand-cut German ebonite stem
Length 7 1/8 inches (181.0 mm)
Weight 2 ounces (55.5 grams)
Bore 13/16 inches (20.3 mm) diameter X 1 1/4 inches (31.2 mm) deep
Briar Grade Pipe Pipe Pipe PipePipe
Workmanship Grade Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe
Trappings Comes with a nice wool pipe sock, hand-sewn by Adriana.

The design for this pipe came out of a collaboration between my good friend Patrice Gaudry and myself.

And I made a rusticated version of this pipe for him back at the time, like four years ago.

But for some reason, I have not made another one since then, and I don't know why. He told me he was fine with me making more for others, if I wanted to.

I guess I was just waiting for the right inspiration to line up with the right piece of briar.

This piece of briar does have a couple of pinhole sized imperfections that you generally only see when the light hits them just right.

Otherwise, it is quite a nice piece of briar.


Sold. Thanks.