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Grand Calabash Smoking Pipe

Italian briar and hand-cut Italian acrylic stem (black)
6.430 inches (163.3 mm)
2.7 ounces (76 grams)
Tobacco Chamber
0.864 inches (21.9 mm) diameter x 1.884 inches (47.8 mm) deep
Outside of Bowl
2.240 inches (56.9 mm) diameter x 2.125 inches (54.0 mm) tall
Briar Grade
Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe
Workmanship Grade
Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe
Trappings Went out with a nice wool pipe sock, hand-sewn by Adriana.
Notes This pipe was a collaborative effort between "Ol Brokedik" on Pipe Smokers Den and myself, so we are calling it an "OBD Calabash". And just in case your monitor doesn't show this well, this pipe is GREEN, kindof a nice leaf-green, to be specific. That little bit of blue tint that you're seeing is actually the reflection of a vivid blue sky on the day when I took the photos.

Sold. Thanks.