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Wrought Iron Rusticated Gothic Egg Smoking Pipe

Materials Grecian Briar, hand-cut Absylux® stem
Length 5 1/4 inches (133.4 mm)
Weight 2.0 ounces  (56 grams)
Bore 13/16 inches (21.6 mm) diameter by 1 9/16 inches (39.9 mm) deep
Briar Grade NA
Workmanship Grade Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe
Trappings Comes with a nice wool pipe sock, hand sewn by Adriana.
Notes This briar had a few sand pits, but I was already planning on doing my wrought iron rustication on this one, anyway, so it didn't really matter. You might be able to tell where one or two of the flaws were if you really study this pipe in just the right light, but otherwise, I think it turned out pretty well.

Sold. Thanks.