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Pipe, Cigar and Tobacciana Links

Alt.Smokers.Pipes -- an invaluable resource featuring pipe shape charts, diagrams, makers, etc.
Brothers of Briar -- a fabulous community-driven forum focused almost entirely on pipe smoking
Characteristics of Briarwood (mirror) -- a research paper in .pdf format by G. Tsoumis, N. Kezos, I Fanariotou, E. Voulgaridis, and C. Passialis documenting the various characteristics of briar
Christian Pipe Smokers
General Pipe Forum at Puff.com Forums
North American Society of Pipe Collectors -- an organization dedicated to promoting pipe smoking, sharing of information, and fellowship
The Briar Patch Forum -- the premier place for pipe and tobacco information
The Organization of Online Pipe Smokers (OoOPS) -- for everyone interested in pipe smoking, pipe collecting, or tobaccos
Pipemakersforum.com -- the place where we pipe makers congregate to compare notes, swap ideas, etc.
Pipedia -- an extensive repository of information on tobacco pipes and their makers
Pipepages.com -- a substantial repository of vintage pipe catalogs, fliers, patent information, etc.
Pipe Smokers Den -- a large community of pipe smokers sharing their experiences
Pipes & Tobacco Magazine -- a magazine for pipes and tobacco enthusiasts
Pipes: Logos and Markings -- very helpful in identifying estate pipes based on their markings
Pipes Magazine -- online pipe community & social networking site for pipe smokers
Pipes.org -- the nexus of pipes on the net
The Professor's Pipe Tobacco Reviews
Smokers Forums -- the online club for pipes, tobaccos and cigars
Tamp & Puff -- another nice forum for pipe smokers
Tobaccoreviews.com -- a huge tobacco review database consisting of over 2,000 reviewers, 2,500 plus tobacco blends, and almost 15,000 individual reviews