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Hello Fellow Pipe Enthusiast,

If you do not see anything to suit your tastes here in my Available Pipes section, please take a look in my Previous Pipes section.

I am very much a plan-your-work-and-work-your-plan kind of guy, so all of my pipes start off with a drawing, which I always archive for future reference.

I cannot promise an exact duplicate of any particular pipe, but if you do like something I have made before, I should be able to make something quite similar to it at a very reasonable price.

I can also duplicate an old favorite of yours if you have photos you can email to me, or I can start from scratch with just a description if you like.

Most of my pipes tend to sell in the $185-$275 USD price range -- though a few special pipes do go for a bit more than that -- so you can use that price range as a frame of reference.

Just call me, tell me what you are looking for, and we will take it from there.

Cheers and thanks for looking.