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Pipe, Cigar and Tobacciana Links

Alt.Smokers.Pipes -- an invaluable resource featuring pipe shape charts, diagrams, makers, etc.
Brothers of Briar -- a fabulous community-driven forum focused almost entirely on pipe smoking
Characteristics of Briarwood (mirror) -- a research paper in .pdf format by G. Tsoumis, N. Kezos, I Fanariotou, E. Voulgaridis, and C. Passialis documenting the various characteristics of briar
Christian Pipe Smokers
General Pipe Forum at Puff.com Forums
La Casa Del Habano Puerto Vallarta -- Authentic Cuban cigars, smoking pipes and tobacciana in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
North American Society of Pipe Collectors -- an organization dedicated to promoting pipe smoking, sharing of information, and fellowship
The Briar Patch Forum -- the premier place for pipe and tobacco information
The Organization of Online Pipe Smokers (OoOPS) -- for everyone interested in pipe smoking, pipe collecting, or tobaccos
Pipemakersforum.com -- the place where we pipe makers congregate to compare notes, swap ideas, etc.
Pipedia -- an extensive repository of information on tobacco pipes and their makers
Pipepages.com -- a substantial repository of vintage pipe catalogs, fliers, patent information, etc.
Pipe Smokers Den -- a large community of pipe smokers sharing their experiences
Pipes & Tobacco Magazine -- a magazine for pipes and tobacco enthusiasts
Pipes: Logos and Markings -- very helpful in identifying estate pipes based on their markings
Pipes Magazine -- online pipe community & social networking site for pipe smokers
Pipes.org -- the nexus of pipes on the net
The Professor's Pipe Tobacco Reviews
Smokers Forums -- the online club for pipes, tobaccos and cigars
Tamp & Puff -- another nice forum for pipe smokers
Tobaccoreviews.com -- a huge tobacco review database consisting of over 2,000 reviewers, 2,500 plus tobacco blends, and almost 15,000 individual reviews

Resources for Those Interested
in Growing Their Own Tobacco
(one of my other passions)

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau FAQs -- US Government website provides information related to tobacco sales. (Note: if you're not selling it, you can grow as much as you want for personal use.)
Crop Profile for Tobacco in West Virginia
Ebay search for "tobacco seeds"
Organic Tobacco Production
Plantation House -- seeds, information, and a forum for home tobacco growers
Seedman.com -- tobacco seeds, literature and more
Tobacco at Wikipedia -- helpful information about varieties of tobacco, methods of production, etc.
Victory Seeds -- rare heirloom tobacco seeds